Coastal Amateur Radio Association

W4BWZ - 146.910 - Tone 156.7

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Coastal Amateur Radio Association

PO Box 274

Walterboro, SC 29488

146.910 Whitehall Repeater

Welcome to the W4BWZ C.A.R.A.  Webpage. This club was started in 1974, and operates from the Walterboro area of South Carolina. This is a general purpose amateur radio club and its members are involved in all aspects of amateur radio.

The repeater went on the air in 1975 and is currently at 475 feet on the South Carolina Educational Television Tower at Whitehall. It is a GE MASTER EXEC transmitting 60 watts. Duplexers and antennas are by Phelps Dodge Communications.

 C.A.R.A. membership currently stands at more than 40 members. Membership dues are $20.00, with a onetime $20.00 initiation fee.  


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